Notebook certificates

We are striving to be 100% eco-friendly and human-friendly. Our notebooks will become a part of your identity and comfortable personal space, providing a smooth and soft tactile experience, designed to look and feel like they should.

FSC - certified paper

FSC® COC-004214

We strive to meet not only the tastes, but also the rational needs of the future. It is worth noting that our thinking about the sustainable use of natural resources translates into concrete action.

In the era of increased awareness of pro-ecological behavior, we are pleased to inform you that the paper used to create thINKme notebooks is certified by the international, restrictive environmental organization FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council A.C.), which promotes responsible management of forest resources in the world and is represented by Representatives in over 50 countries. FSC® is the first and currently the most globally recognized certification system for forests and wood products, based on a number of requirements, and the FSC logo is a sign confirming compliance with the highest global standards of responsible forest management, therefore it can be found on products made in paper industry companies, which regularly, pass a number of stringent controls positively. Just like thINKme®.

FSC Mix. The product is made with a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or FSC-controlled wood. 

GRS - certified cover material

GRS Cover material

Thinkme PU GRS notebook cover is made from recycled materials, containing post-consumer polyester derived from waste plastic bottles.

1 notebook = 1 used plastic bootle 0,5l


Antibacterial paper
Antibacterial cover
Antibacterial paint
The first antibacterial notebook by ENOTE SafeTouch™ from Happy Gifts on the market, fully in European production. 
Paper with an antibacterial additive Biomaster AT300 developed and produced in Poland. Antibacterial hard cover with a soft material of Italian production, which allows the use of a number of marking techniques to best emphasize the brand. Screen printing with paint with Biomaster 999 antibacterial additive perfectly complements the product and guarantees the antibacterial properties of the entire surface of the cover. Notebook ENOTE SafeTocuh™ is certified as antibacterial. 
Antibacterial effect confirmed by tests in accordance with the standards: ISO 22196:2011 and ISO 20743:2013.