Pen certificates

We strive to be 100% sustainable, creating a future where every promotional pen is made from eco-friendly materials to minimize environmental impact and care for both people and the planet.

Biodegradable pens

OK Compost - BIOPLAST_GF_106
OK Compost - BIOPLAST_GF_2189
OK Compost - Blend_BIOPLAST_GF_106_GS_2189
The Bio-Plastic employed in the production of the biodegradable pens come from renewable sources and go back to the earth through processes of biodegradation and composing without the release of pollutants. It contains renewable raw materials such as non-genetically modified corn starch or or potato starch. Our pens made of corn (except spring and refill) starch are produced according to the definition of European regulations: biodegradation at least 90% in less than 6 months, according to EN 13432 in industrial composting facilities.

Recycled PET


Line of writing articles made with recycled PET from industraiil waste and post consumer products like water and soft drink bottles, food boxes. The material is transported to special sorting centers, this is shreadded and regenerated in the form of flakes and granules. Thanks to its characteristics, PET can then be reused to create new products.


Recycled ABS
Recycled plastic

Recycled ABS - material from small household appliances and electronics.

Recycled plastic - Used plastic elements are collected, crushed, melted and molded to become a new form of plastic.

Antibacterial pens

Biomaster - ABS, R-PET, BIOPLAST
Biomaster - Tetrapack
SafeTouch Antibacterial™ an ideal solution for public places where the pen is passed on from hand to hand, and where children play. Antibacterial component added to the plastic is active through out the entire life cycle of the pen. After 24h 99% of bacteria are killed. The antibacterial effect has been confirmed and certified. The material is completely safe for the skin.


Dokumental® Ballpen Ink
Dokumental® Ballpen Ink
Dokumental® Ballpen Ink

Dokumental® – the world's largest independent ink manufacturer. With over 60 years of experience in the development and production of inks. Documental® ink in our products guarantees the highest quality and exceptionally long-lasting writing with smooth ballpoint pen ink.