Cooperate with us

With who do we cooperate?

Be advised that we only cooperate with Adverstising Agencies on the terms of the General Terms and Conditions. If some firm contact us, it will be asked to contact with their agency or we will recommended one of our partner agencies.

How can I start cooperating?

Just contact our Sales Department to determine the individual terms and conditions of cooperation.

Then send required documents that are necessary for the issuance of sales documents and for implementation of contracts with deferred payments.

Where can I find general rules of cooperation?

General Conditions of Supply and Sales, which are applicable in Happy Gifts Europe Sp. z o. o., you can download HERE.

The specific conditions relating to prices and payments must be determined individually – in this case, please contact our Sales Department.

What tools can I use when working?

We offer tools created for your needs: 
• printed catalog and catalog and online,
• website "No-name"
• sales supporting tools like: folders, templates and samples of products,
• exposition materials to the show-room,
• attractive promotions,
• package of graphics image-related materials.


In addition: our sales department helps with any orders, questions and valuations.

We offer a wide range of products, fast implementation, attractive prices, discounts and labeling services.
If you have any questions ask our consultant