ECO SafeTouch™ antibacterial & ecology

The first eco-friendly antibacterial pens combined with caring for the environment.
Meet our three models of ecological pens with an SafeTouch™ antibacterial additive. 
Made in Europe.

EcoLine SafeTouch™ is a line of writing instruments made in a special material coming from the recycling of beverage cartons. Beverage cartons are in fact composed of several layers: cellulose, polyethylene and aluminum. After a first processing for the recovery of cellulose, the fraction of polyethylene and aluminum is further processed to generate a new second raw material. This recycled material has a very particular aesthetic aspect (thanks to the presence of aluminum together with the plastic component) which distinguishes it from any other on the market.

GreenLine SafeTouch™ pens are produced with a new bioplastic of natu - ral origin: born from renewable resources of agricultural origin (non genetically modified corn starch) and return to the earth through biodegradation and/or composting processes without releasing polluting substances (also the dyes used are biodegradable). The pens produced with this new bioplastic (except refill and spring) are 100% biodegradable responding to the demand for consumer prod - ucts with low environmental impact.

R-PET SafeTouch™ line is a line of writing articles made with recycled PET coming from the collection of industraiil waste and post consumer products like water and soft drink bottles, food, boxes. Once the differentiated collection is carries out and the material is transported to special sorting centers, this is shreadded and regenerated in the form of flakes and granules. Thanks to its characteristics, PET can then be reused to create new products. The recycled PET thus becomes R-PET.

SafeTouch™ antibacterial technology
This technology is of an innovative nature and consists in launching a new line of products made from material with properties scientifically defined as biostatic, i.e. produced as a result of combining traditional plastics with an antibacterial addition BIOMASTER inhibiting the growth and spread of microorganisms in plastic injection-moulded products. The product prototypes have positively undergone microbiological tests accordance with the standard - ISO 22196: 2011. With the new technology, end products will have exceptionally strong biostatic properties that will reduce 99% of bacteria and positively impact safety, health, hygiene and, consequently, the quality of life.
This will allow for their extensive use in many industries – from the medical sector to the food industry.

   Addmaster Test Cert (Antibacterial) ISO22196 - Happy Gifts Europe - Tetrapak
   Addmaster Test Cert (Antibacterial) ISO22196 - Happy Gifts Europe - plastics

Due to the specific properties and fragments of recycled materials, ecological pens differ in shade and color from the standard Lecce Pen colors.