The most popular promotional products such as notebooks, pens, electronics items in an environmentally friendly natural materials. An additional mini collection of backpacks and bags with RPET, recycled plastic packaging.

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The natural bamboo plant is characterised by its great resistance, flexibility and above all, by its rapid growth and regeneration, a characteristic that makes it a sustainable material and an excellent alternative to the use of traditional wood, with a multitude of applications. It is naturally resistant to plagues, so it does not require the use of pesticides. 

Wheat straw

Wheat straw is obtained from organic waste of the remains of the wheat harvest. Through its reuse, it contributes to the reduction of the use of plastics in a remarkable way, resulting in durable, versatile and resistant compounds, which can be applied in the elaboration of infinite products. 

Natural cork

Cork is considered an excellent insulator, flexible, which regenerates naturally around the trunk of the trees from which it is extracted, mainly from the oak tree. The processes of cork extraction have a minimum impact on the environment, also standing out for being one of the most durable and resistant organic materials.


RPET or recycled PET is a material made from the reuse of PET, a kind of plastic present, mainly in the manufacture of bottles and other packaging for drinks. Through industrial processes, PET waste is 100% recycled, resulting in rPET, whose carbon footprint (CO2 emissions into the atmosphere) is drastically reduced. In this way, a simple plastic bottle becomes a resistant material with a multitude of applications and functionalities. This is, at the same time, a recycled and recyclable compound.