For environment

Corporate Social Responsibility is like a promise to have a sense of responsibility for both the society and the environment in which a company operates. For over twenty years, our priority has been ecology. Our company is not indifferent to the problems associated with protecting the environment and thus is constantly developing modern technologies, unique on a global scale, that help us protect it. Biodegradable pens made of BioPlast® produced from agriculturally derived starch and EcoLine from plastics recovered during the process of recycling beverage containers. In caring for the environment, we participate in diverse programs that serve to propagate proper ecological values. Furthermore, we donate one percent of our proceeds from sales of our Eco line products towards environmentally-friendly endeavors.

BIO-PLAST  -  Biodegradable

For more than 20 years, the ecology is our priority. For this reason, Happy Gifts, wants to support campaigns to protect environment and is committed to do so with the highest seriousness and correctness, preferring the use of environmentally friendly materials, biodegradables, certified under the strict parameters set out in the European regulations. The employed materials are the real answer to the demand of consumer product with low environmental impact, even the pen colors is obtained through the use of biodegradable master batches. From the earth the new biodegradable materials: the Bio-Plastic based on the corn starch.                                                                          

The Bio-Plastic employed in the production of the biodegradable pens come from renewable sources and go back to the earth through processes of biodegradation and composing without the release of pollutants. It contains renewable raw materials such as non-genetically modified corn starch. Our pens made of corn (except spring and refill) starch are produced according to the definition of European regulations: biodegradation at least 90% in less than 6 months.

EcoLine - from recycled beverage cartons

EcoLine® is a new material derived from recycled artificial materials, in this case cartons, made of paper (75%), polyethylene (20%) and aluminum (5%). The first step is to separate cellulose, aluminum and polyethylene from the pack. Thanks to the high quality of the technological process, these raw materials are converted into pellets. Our goal was to use the waste arising in the process of recycling beverage cartons. EcoLine® consists mainly of low-density polyethylene and a small fraction of aluminum. This material is designed to reduce the costs of treating polyethylene and aluminum. Versatile use, the possibility of daily use at home, at work or at school makes it appear to be a combination of solutions used in the past with the modern technology of the twenty-first century.

R-PET SafeTouch™ - from recycled PET

R-PET SafeTouch™ line is a line of writing articles made with recycled PET coming from the collection of industraiil waste and post consumer products like water and soft drink bottles, food, boxes. Once the differentiated collection is carries out and the material is transported to special sorting centers, this is shreadded and regenerated in the form of flakes and granules. Thanks to its characteristics, PET can then be reused to create new products. The recycled PET thus becomes R-PET.

Due to the specific properties and fragments of recycled materials, ecological pens differ in shade and color from the standard Lecce Pen colors. 

Ecological pens made in Europe.