SafeTouch™ antibacterial technology

If you are responsible company, join us and care for the health of your customers.

We have created a new collection with care for the human smile. Make sure to be always on faces of your customers. Taking responsibility for their health and safety we realize as a socially responsible company. SafeTouch Antibacterial™- an ideal solution for public places where the pen pass on from hand to hand, and where children are playing. Antibacterial added to the plastic is active throughout the entire lifecycle of the pen. After one hour 90% of bacterias are killed. The antibacterial benefit has been confirmed and certified.
SafeTouch™ antibacterial technology

This technology is of an innovative nature and consists in launching a new line of products made from material with properties scientifically defined as biostatic, i.e. produced as a result of combining traditional plastics with an antibacterial addition inhibiting the growth and spread of microorganisms in plastic injection-moulded products.

SafeTouch™ antibacterial collection
GOLFF SafeTouch & FORTE SafeTouch - ballpens with antibacterial surface
PowerBank FORTE - powerbank 3000 mAh with antibacterial surface
PowerBox FORTE - Forte SafeTouch and PowerBank FORTE in a perfect set with a personalized box. 
PowerBanks SHAKY &SHAKY Lighting - powerbanks 4000 mAh with antibacterial surface
SafeGel - Hand sanitizing gel (Alcohol 70%) with antibacterial effect ready to use; enriched with Aloe Vera to moisturize and refresh the skin. Available in two sizes: 100 ml and 500 ml. The possibility of personalizing the label.

Antibacterial effectiveness of the products was confirmed through microbiological tests under the ASTM 2149 standard that aimed to determine quantitatively the biostatic properties of antibacterial-agent-coated ABS infected with two groups of bacteria: a reference strain of Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli. In both cases it was demonstrated that the material reveals biostatic activity within 1 hour of contact and reaches nearly 100% effectiveness in pathogenic bacteria reduction within 24 hours. This means that the bacteria contacting the body of the pen are reduced within the above-mentioned time. The biostatic effect stays on for the time of using the pen.

This innovation brings to export markets a product with technological properties and intended use differing greatly from products made previously and with substantially improved application capacity. These features mean greater benefits to the consumer. Popular advertising items are hotbeds of bacteria and pose a risk of transferring harmful microorganisms, whose presence may be caused by unhygienic conditions, and in the case of some plastics – by plasticizers used in production. The growth and reproduction of microorganisms often cause an unpleasant odour, discolouration or staining, among other things. Plastic products as such do not have protective mechanisms and are thus not able to eliminate infection.

The product prototypes have positively undergone microbiological tests. With the new technology, end products will have exceptionally strong biostatic properties that will reduce 90% of bacteria and positively impact safety, health, hygiene and, consequently, the quality of life.
This will allow for their extensive use in many industries – from the medical sector to the food industry.